Erwin Stienstra

Comtemporary Fine Art

Erwin Stienstra


Gold Birchwood on panel

Dimensions 40/40/8 cm 

sculpture gold by erwin stienstra

Serial Sabotage Gold

High pressured application of industrial acrylics.

Dimensions 40/40/8 cm

acrylic gold sculpture by erwinstienstra

 Back to Zero   

Dipped Birch wood 

Dimensions 50/50/7cm

Erwin Stienstra  made a dipdyed wooden sticks fine art
Erwin Stienstra high end  interiour with serial sabotage  by


Upcoming Art show presenting Erwin Stienstra.  Hosted by De Kunstkamer Netherlands  1st of July till end of August


Erwin Stienstra shows a big sculpture on art fair
Erwin Stienstra Art in Castleroom
Erwin Stienstra his sculpture in a fancy house
Erwin Stienstra his monumental wooden sculpture with a hippo in the front
Erwin Stienstra minimalistic sculpture on art fair
Erwin Stienstra Golden sculpture looked at by people on art fair

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