Erwin Stienstra Minimalism Fine Art

E r w i n  S t i e n s t r a

   M i n i m a l i s m

Serial Sabotage


High pressured application of industrial acrylics.
Dimensions 40/40/8 cm

acrylic gold sculpture by erwinstienstra

Serial Sabotage -Copper-

Copper acrylics on panel

Dimensions 40/40/8 cm 


Atelierroute Lauwersland 2020   

The 29th edition 

 2nd en 3rd weekend of March 2020
14/ 15  &  21/ 22 March 2020
 11.00 - 17.00 


Erwin Stienstra at Art Cologne
erwin stientra exhibition
Erwin Stienstra Art in France Paris
Erwin Stienstra sculpture Breda
Erwin Stienstra his monumental wooden sculpture with a hippo in the front
Erwin Stienstra minimalistic sculpture in museum of contemporary art
Erwin Stienstra Golden sculpture  at art fair
golden sculpture  private collection Amsterdam

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