S t i e n s t r a


Den Dungen

Comtemporary Fine Art


By Stienstra & Den Dungen

24 K Goldplated Birchwood on panel

Dimensions 40/40/8 cm 

golden sticks presented on tefaf art fair and basel miami

Serial Sabotage Gold

By Stienstra

High pressured application of industrial acrylics.

Dimensions 40/40/8 cm

golden acrylic lines on panel with whitegloves seen at tefaf fine art and volta artfair

 Back to Zero   

Dipped Birch wood 

Stienstra & Den Dungen 

Dimensions 50/50/7cm

dipdyed wooden sticks seen at art basel en tefaf fine art
serial sabotage sculpture in fancy interiour  at tefaf and art basel miami


Upcoming Art show presenting Erwin Stienstra & Den Dungen.  Hosted by De Kunstkamer Netherlands  1st of July till end of August


Serial Sabotage

- Agent Orange-

erwin stienstra tefaf 1stdibs zero fineart vroom varrosieau


a serial sabotage sculpture made out of acrylics seen on tefaf fine art en art basel miami