About Erwin Stienstra

Erwin Stienstra, born in 1971, spent his early years in a small village in the Northern Part of The Netherlands. Somewhere around the millennium Minimalism and the Zero art movement got a hold of him.
Architecture, nature, patterns, light & shadow and innovative materials form his main source of inspiration.
Acrylic sculptures are his trademark. The creation of which is an intense and lengthy process. The right humidity, temperature, and air pressure are paramount to success. It takes approximately three months to complete a work of art.
A well-known European contemporary art collector defined Erwin Stienstra and his art strikingly when he commented:

Erwin Stienstra has developed a unique style and authentic signature. He has a set of qualities that make his art just perfect to enjoy, appreciate, think about, talk about and discuss”. 

Stienstra himself speaks:

I am interested in the psychic effect, an aesthetic experience, evoked by the interaction of opposing lines.
The light is absorbed  captured by this weave sculpture, creating a light wall, a work of art that seeks the interaction with the variable daylight. (The object seems to be part of a larger whole due to the all-over effect)
Monochrome rectangles that penetrate endlessly..
Through the play of light the objects acquire a mysterious character, regardless of the color and avoiding any frivolity and eccentric gaiety.

The whole ultimately creates a surprising tension for the viewer.